Frank Viola is One of Us

Frank Viola, the underrated turtleneck clad nerd, had outlets for nerd expression in through his career in the 80′s and 90′s. While he can no longer appear on baseball cards, it turns out he hasn’t given up the dream. Viola has been providing guest color commentary while the Red Sox are in Texas this weekend. While in the booth, Mr. Viola admitted that the strike and steroid scandals had waned his interest in his sport. However, his interest was rekindled when he discovered a new hobby: fantasy baseball.

That’s right. Frank Viola, a three time all-star and sporting a career ERA+ of 112, is down in his mother’s basement playing fantasy baseball with the rest of us. I guess that I would never know how to turn my back on the thing I love the most, by which I mean being a nerd. Frank, you’re always welcome in our league.

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